LashExtend makes sense! It really works!
Independent Clinical studies prove it!

 Results are Amazing!

How to use LashExtend?

Most common use is at night, after you have removed your makeup.
Apply the LashExtend solution (using the brush applicator included) along the base and length of your lashes. Top and bottom lashes as well.

This is NOT a Mascara nor does it apply like mascara. It is a serum that you use like eyeliner.

How does it work?

Safe to use!
  NON Drug formula 
NO Side Effects
As we age, our lashes get thinner, fall out
and do not replace themselves. LashExtend is a safe serum with anti-aging hair growth properties. The proprietary non-medical
formulation contains a patented active ingredient "SenePeptides". They are a series of isolated active peptides that stimulate gene expression causing increased Keratin production. Keratin is the fibrous insoluble protein that is the main structural element in hair & nails.

How long will one tube last?

One tube @ $45.00 will last 4-6 months!
How economical is that?!
Compare with other products that are $95-$160
(and only last 1-3 months!)

After my lashes grow longer, then what?

Use 2-3 times a week to maintain long, thick,
 full lashes!


I am happy to tell you that your product Lash Extend has shown amazing results on my lashes.  I have been using this product for about a month.  I can honestly say that my lashes are noticeably longer, fuller and darker.  I began seeing a change after only a couple of weeks, and that change has become more apparent since then.  I think the product is priced right and the six months you get out of a tube is great.  I would recommend this for anyone who wants to change sparse lashes to healthy full lashes.  Thanx Jeri!

Norine Las Vegas, NV

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