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Endothermic Mask

"Mini Face Lift"
 Visiable, immediate results

This extraordinary, age-fighting mask takes heat naturally found in the skin and transfers it out through a visible cooling cycle (it actually bubbles!)
 It increases antioxidant properties & plumps the skin, while smoothing and filling in lines and wrinkles. It is opposite of what most masks do. This mask cools your skin by physically extracting the heat from your face and neck (with a really neat bubbling action) thus causing your blood to rush in to deliver heat but also nutrients and oxygen to your skin. The results are instantaneous! Works on dark circles around your eyes, your crows feet, and fat pads that may be on your eyes. It will specifically target expression lines.
 Patent-Pending NO OTHER cosmetic company on the planet has this "myo-relaxing technology"! It contains SenePlex Complex as well which is our proprietary anti-aging active ingredients. Results lasts for hours!
Retail $55.00  
How do I use it? 
 Gently message onto clean moist skin using a circular motion. It is concentrated like all SeneGence products are. Rinse after 10-15 minutes. You can rinse 90% off and leave a slight film on your face to fill in wrinkles and then apply your foundation if you choose. Use twice a week  

Before and after Endothermic mask

 This is my face after just 1 use of the mask. Look at my eye area, and the brightness of my skin! My spots are even lighter! My skin also is so luminous! I was jazzed! I put it on my husbands face and he asked if he could use twice a week too!
Email me at if you would like to try it!
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